Shawn FAQ 1

"If you've ever thought that people are either born happy or they're not, think again.

Happiness is a choice, but most importantly, happiness can be taught. Join Harvard University professor and best-selling author Shawn Achor as he teaches you how to choose happiness for yourself, then multiply it by spreading positivity and optimism to others in this transformational two-part online course.

In Part One, 21 Days to a Happier Life, Shawn begins with an enlightening assessment of your own unique “happiness personality”. He coaches you through a series of 5-minute daily happiness habits, exercises to help you carve out a weekly “Happy Hour,” assignments to lower stress and retrain your mind for positivity, live interactive Q&A sessions and more, all designed to help you easily master the “skill” of happiness.

Once you've unlocked happiness within yourself, it's time to expand that happiness to include everyone else in your world – family, friends and colleagues struggling with negativity. Do you believe that people can change? The latest scientific research tells us that they can become happier, and that your happy habits can help them do it. In Part Two, 21 Days to Inspire Happiness Around You, Shawn guides you to expand your power to create positive changes in your family, co-workers, friends and even friends of friends. Learn to shine your inner light– and brighten it – by planting seeds of happiness that are proven to transform the world around you.

Happiness doesn’t have to be hard, and with Shawn as your guide you to will become a Happiness Leader at home, at work, with family, with friends, and in every area of your life."