Through humor, big ideas, and practical everyday activities, pastor and author Rob Bell invites students on an OCourse journey to joy and meaning in our everyday lives. How do we shift perspectives...change our understanding of ourselves as spiritual beings and re-define what is truly important to us?

With practical tools, tips, and spirit-awakening work, Rob leads students to experience life as a gift. As a lifelong student of the heart, Rob guides students to mastery of a new, profound and rewarding life path.

Following are the key elements for each lesson:

  • Rob introduces "The Big Idea" for each lesson through a thought-provoking teaching video about who we are and why we are here. Rob also shares fun sketches that serve as a memory tool for the big concept of the lesson.
  • Rob breaks down "The Big Idea" for the lesson and "What This Means for Us" in our everyday lives through teaching videos -- how we can find joy and meaning in the mundane and actively start to practice spirituality.
  • Through practical tools and fun exercises, Rob helps you figure out "What This Looks Like in Everyday Life" -- how you can recognize that life is a gift and find deeper meaning behind every interaction with others.
  • You’ll be able to reflect on what you've learned in the lesson and "How This Connects with Us" through online journaling assignments about how the exercises and ideas have affected you.
  • Rob wraps up his concepts, stories, and practical advice on "What We’re Going to Do Now" with some final words of wisdom to help you carry your new learnings into the future and make them part of how you view the world.