Iyanla’s six-lesson OCourse Forgiveness — How To Forgive Everyone For Everything — will redefine forgiveness as you know it. It will lead you to an important new path in your every day life. You will uncover the feelings and thoughts that are holding you back. And, you will develop a new, more positive way of being in the world. Iyanla will be with you step by step to guide you through each new lesson in forgiveness — through custom videos and interactive assignments. The practice of forgiveness will bring you strength you never knew you had — and it just may give you the boost you need to make it to your next level of greatness. Following is the outline for each lesson: DAY 1: Iyanla sets the weekly intention and introduces you to the core concepts of the lesson. In a series of teaching videos Iyanla leads you through the emotional growth, challenges, breakthroughs and benefits of forgiveness. DAY 2: You will put each lesson into practice through assignments designed by Iyanla. These self-assessments, meditations and other forgiveness exercises encourage you to work through the hurts, upsets and emotions that challenge you. DAY 3: Each lesson you will receive a journal assignment that will help you “Reach In” on your personal forgiveness practice. And, you will have the opportunity to share your thoughts and learnings with your classmates through class comments. DAY 4: Iyanla will provide a recap of the week’s lesson and special shareable affirmation cards. And, access to the “Forgiveness Library” with special resources and tools to help you work through any challenges. Throughout the OCourse you will have access to two recorded Q&A sessions with Iyanla where she responded to the most commonly asked questions from students. Share your affirmations, postings about the course, and thoughts on each lesson with your classmates on social media using #IyanlaOCourse.