Brendon FAQ 2

Part One: Know Yourself and Where You Want to Go
Section 1: Welcome and Intention
Section 2: Identify Your Next Bold Moves
Section 3: The Clarity Chart: Defining Who You Truly Are
Section 4: The Six Recurring Identity Themes
Section 5: Part One Wrap-Up

Part Two: Why Do I Feel So Crazy Sometimes?
Section 1: Intention: When Your Mind Plays Tricks on You
Section 2:The Ladder of Perception
Section 3: Heavy Thoughts
Section 4: How to Remove Stress, Distraction and Chaos from Your Life
Section 5: Part Two Wrap-Up

Part Three: How to Make Great Decisions
Section 1: Intention: Make Yourself a Priority
Section 2: Your Hour of Joy: How to Spend the First 60 Minutes of the Day
Section 3: Goal Predictor Assessment: Will You Reach Your Goals?
Section 4: How to Make Great Decisions
Section 5: Part Three Wrap-Up

Part Four: Making Your Next Bold Move
Section 1: Intention: Making Your Next Bold Move
Section 2: Making Your Move and Maintaining Momentum
Section 3: Dealing with Fear and Disappointment
Section 4: Five Habits for Staying Bold and Maintaining Momentum
Section 5: Part Four Wrap-Up