The guest teachers Arianna invited to teach different sections of the course with her are members of her personal Thrive Tribe and people who have taught her important habits for living more whole and complete lives. These include researchers at the top of their field, entrepreneurs, sports stars, breathing and yoga coaches, and members of her immediate family.

Lesson 1 Guest Teachers:

  • NBA superstar Kobe Bryant, who uses sleep and meditation as a performance enhancer on and off the court
  • Agapi Stassinopoulos, Arianna's sister and personal meditation teacher

Lesson 2 Guest Teacher:
  • Arianna's yoga teacher Rudy Mettia

Lesson 3 Guest Teachers:
  • Co-CEO of Warby Parker Dave Gilboa on setting clear priorities in business and life
  • Breathing coach Joan Witkowski

Lesson 4 Guest Teacher:
  • Arianna's oldest daughter Christina Huffington on gratitude and self-forgiveness

Lesson 5 Guest Teachers:
  • Happiness expert Shawn Achor on finding wonder and creativity in your life
  • Arianna's youngest daughter Isabella Huffington on being both an artist and an introvert

Lesson 6 Guest Teacher:
  • Wharton professor and author of "Give and Take" Adam Grant on how giving to others leads to success